My husband and I were on a road trip in November 2012 listening to one of my favorite podcasts, America’s Test Kitchen. The episode featured an interview with Yotam Ottololenghi, London-based chef and restaurateur, discussing his new cookbook, Jerusalem: A Cookbook*. I was captivated by the way he spoke so lovingly of the cuisine of his birth city.

Via torviewtoronto.com

This was clearly a man man who took Middle Eastern food seriously and was totally passionate about cooking and eating it. I wanted to get my hands on the cookbook fast and was pleased when my husband gifted it to me as an early Christmas present a few weeks later.

The Jerusalem syndrome is a condition characterized by psychotic episodes and religious delusions spurred by a visit to the city of Jerusalem. When I received the cookbook, I became completely infatuated and cooked numerous recipes from it within days. Completely enthralled by its delectable dishes, beautiful photography and prose, I began to exhibit symptoms of a different type of Jerusalem syndrome. Apparently I’m not the only one “suffering” from this condition.

By my count, the cookbook contains roughly 127 recipes. I have cooked quite a few so far but still have many more left. Join me as I work my way through more!

[Props to Julie Powell of Julie & Julia fame for this blog’s concept!]

* Buy it from Amazon
* Buy it from Barnes and Noble
(I am not affiliated with the cookbook authors or publishers in any way but I love this book and wholeheartedly recommend its purchase!)



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